"Just keep climbing" is lazy advice.
We both know you can do better than that.

Welcome to the Crush It intro program, where being early on in your climbing career doesn't mean you have to 

  • spin your wheels following half-baked advice. Like knowing if it's time to start strength training!
  • be confused about what you should *actually* be doing in the gym because there is SO much info out there (and spoiler alert, it doesn't all apply to YOU)
  • sit tight and "keep climbing" until you're "good enough to train" (whatever that means)

Nope, screw that.

That's where the Crush It Intro plan comes in. Instead of going to the gym aimlessly, each training session will get you one step closer to becoming the climber you want to be.

Start a Crush It Intro program
Build Strength
Sharpen your skills
Have fun doing it

So you caught the climbing bug, huh?

You don't know when it happened, but now all you want to do is go climbing and get a lot, lot better at it. You even started making a lot of life choices around it - WHOOPS! 

Don't worry, we've all been there. Fortunately this program is designed to take that stoke and turn it into progression. 🔥


“What is it like to train with a Crush It Intro program?”

The Crush It intro programs were designed for climbers with 6-24 months of climbing experience under their belts. This program is the perfect thing to do when you've stopped getting better just from going to the gym and you realize you need more structure to continue progressing.

With this program you will

  • Show up to the gym with a plan. You'll know exactly what skills you're working on and why. 
  • Spend time getting stronger off the wall. Because a base of strength and high quality skills go together like peanut butter and jelly.
  • Get your training done, while still having time to climb for fun with your friends. Good training ≠ excessively time consuming.

While the program is completely laid out for you, this program is self-guided and self-supported.

This program is excellent for you if you are self-motivated and already have a solid foundational habit of going climbing at least 1-2x times a week.

Instead of spending time googling whether or not you're ready to start a training plan, your energy can go towards getting better instead.


I spun my wheels with boring, excessive training for too long.

So I created the program I wish I had one year into climbing. 

Let’s put that excitement to good use. Here's what you need to know about a Crush It Intro program



  • Enjoyable + skill-focused programming (think big moves, better footwork, and climbing more smoothly!)

  • Short, punchy strength sessions to help you build strength without sucking up all your precious climb time!
  • Convenient app platform to view your plan and track your progress on the go!

  • Programming you can complete in 4-6 hours per week.


Crush It Intro Includes

  • A baseline physical assessment (coach evaluation + feedback not included).

  •  8 weeks of programming delivered in two, 4 week training blocks.

  •  Program delivered to your phone via Trainerize app

  • Strength training and climbing sessions.

  •  Coach communication is NOT included. For a coach supported program see Custom Training 


Getting stronger doesn't have to be complicated. I took all the time, effort, and energy out of deciding HOW TO TRAIN.

All you have to do is show up.

Easy? Easy.

step into your first training plan with ease

Crush It Intro Program

Route Climbing


8+ weeks of programming

  • Duration of the Program: 10 weeks
  • Track sessions in app
  • Strength training
  • Route + boulder sessions



8+ weeks of programming

  • Duration of the Program: 10 weeks total
  • Track sessions in app
  • Strength training
  • Bouldering sessions

Answers to your questions: 

Love for the Crush It Programs

Crush it helped me kick start my journey into climbing training. Like many new climbers, I was obsessed with the sport and only wanted to get better.... I would highly recommend Crush It to anyone who is looking to start training for climbing but isn’t sure where to begin. It’s self paced, jam packed with material and the first type of training I’ve ever done that makes me excited to go workout. If it’s not fun I won’t do it, and Crush it is definitely a blast 😊” - Abby

“After last summer I felt like my climbing was not improving… It was obvious that by doing the same old I was not progressing... Quickly I started seeing changes… The biggest change so far is in my mental game. I'm trying harder and harder climbs. And seeing that I can learn those hard moves! And I love it!

In the program I like the structure and that it forces me to try all kinds of things and work on both my strengths and weaknesses. And at the same time I have been able to modify it to my needs and my schedule.

To anyone thinking about trying crush it: do it! You will learn a ton of great stuff!! 🤩🤩” - Heidi

*these testimonials are for the advanced Crush It programs - Crush It Sport Climbing + Bouldering.

Are you ready to become a better, stronger boulderer?