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In addition to my training plan offerings, throughout the year, I run special group coaching programs. You can learn more about these below.

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Camp 5.12

Camp 5.12 is a 6 week program for climbers at the 5.10/5.11 level. This coaching program combines sport climbing education and mindset work.

Inside of Camp 5.12 you will learn:

  • Fear management skills.
  • How to cultivate a performance mindset.
  • Projecting tactics for redpointing and onset.
  • Skills for better route memorization.
  • And more!

If you feel like you climb well in the gym, but it doesn’t quite translate to the great outdoors, this program is for you.

Enrollment for Camp 5.12 is now closed.
The next cohort will begin in Fall 2023.

Camp 5.12 Love

My entire mindset when it comes to climbing has changed…. I've never paid much attention to reading routes or even trying something multiple times (projecting), and this program has helped me enjoy the process including celebrating small wins. Even though I still haven't sent my project (yet), I know this training has helped me get to the place where this particular project was in the realm of possibility.”  - Chelsea

I used to think that the topics covered in Camp 5.12 were only for climbers at a certain level of experience and ability and wow was I wrong! Lauren's approach to making information that can feel drenched in elitism is simple, fun and supportive. Camp 5.12 is absolutely worth it, you're worth it, and you won't regret it.”  - Shilpa

“Definitely do it!!! Camp 5.12 will help you realize how much more potential you have, and then give you the knowledge and skills to challenge yourself and make huge improvements in climbing. I am so, so glad I did it!”  - Riley


Spots for this program are extremely limited. If you would like priority enrollment in the next round of Camp 5.12, make sure to get on the wait list.

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“There is no minimum skill requirement to show up and try your best.”


Breakthrough Group Coaching


Breakthrough is a 12 week program for climbers with at least 2-3 years of experience. This coaching program combines education, 1:1 nutrition coaching, and customized training programming. 


Inside of Breakthrough you will:

  • Train with a custom program designed for your goals and needs.
  • Optimize your nutrition for better training + climbing performance.
  • Learn skills to improve your own nutrition and write your own training programs.
  • Be supported by both myself and Catilin Holmes as we transform your climbing + nutrition.

If you are ready to take big steps to holistically transform your approach to climbing, this program is for you.

Enrollment for Breakthrough is now closed.
The next cohort will begin in Winter 2023.

Breakthrough Group Love

“It is well worth the investment to work with Lauren and Caitlin as a team in a supportive group environment. 

If you want solidarity with others while working toward improving your quality of life, getting really strong, and gaining confidence and technique on the wall, Breakthrough is what you're looking for.”  - Emma

“For me, it was well worth the investment”. - Courtney

“This was my first time doing any kind of training program. The group aspect was great. It kept me motivated, making it easier to train and stay psyched. On the training side, I've seen a big improvement in technique, and climbing strength. I've been able to take problems where every move felt impossible down to where one or two moves feel impossible.

On the nutrition side, I have a healthier relationship with food.”  - Demetrius


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Spots for this program are extremely limited. If you would like priority enrollment in the next round of Breakthrough, make sure to get on the wait list.

Breakthrough Group Coaching Wait List

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