DIY-ing your training works.
Having a coach in your back pocket works better.

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 If you’ve ever followed a training program and it felt

❌ generic
❌ inflexible
❌ hard to stick to

Or if you found yourself feeling "meh" about your progress, know this.

It's hard to train well on your own.

It is difficult to decide how to spend your training time without any outside perspective. 

Most of all, when the going gets tough (and it will. this is reality we're talking about) It's helpful to have a coach to work with - instead of doing it all on your own. 

Let me know if this sounds familiar.

Staying consistent is a struggle

You’ve tried to train on your own but you find that more often than not you “fall off the wagon”

You can't find the right fit

Your search for the right program makes you feel like prince charming shoving a glass slipper on every girl in town. Pre-written programs just don't fit your goals or lifestyle.

You're not sure about what's important in your training

You know you need to get focused if you want to reach your goals, but you struggle to make changes to your routine and stick with them.


If any of that feels familiar, listen.

It’s not that you’re incapable of training. It’s that you’re having a hard time going it alone.
And that feeling sucks.

So when you’re working with me, you can kiss that lone wolf energy goodbye.

Because when I'm your coach, you’re going to feel more supported than your lower back on a tempurpedic mattress in a 5 star hotel.

What if you did it differently? 

Instead of following a random power endurance plan from some guy on Reddit - you'll have a plan from a qualified coach, written just for you.

Your plan will be designed to...
✅ Fit your schedule,
✅ Work with the equipment you have
✅ Address your specific strengths and weaknesses
✅ tackle your personal goals head on

And I’ll be with you every step of the way. 

Sick of falling on the same move on your project over and over?
👉🏻 Send me a video! You’ll have fresh perspective and feedback from me before your next session!

Life got hectic and you got behind on your training sessions? 
Perfect! I'll just shame you until you start getting your sessions done! (KIDDING). 
But honestly, shit happens. Tell me what’s up and we’ll get you back on the wagon (no shame required, promise).

Feeling less than 100% about your squat form?
👉🏻 No problem. We can tune it up.

Not sure what to do with your training during your work trip?
👉🏻 I’ll happily give you suggestions on how to modify your training while you’re away.

Get the picture?
Whatever life throws at you during your plan, my expert feedback is just a click away.

BOTTOM LINE: If you’re ready for a highly supportive, customized experience, look no further than a Good Spray Custom Plan.




Here's what you need to know about me

The first time I hired a coach was when I was working full time and starting my business. I worked 12 hour days and knew that my own climbing would suffer if I didn’t get some support. STAT.

Even though I was on a tight schedule, I trained when I could and it paid off. I redpointed my first 5.12d that very fall.

As a coach, I’ve been working with adult climbers for four years. I have certifications in personal training and kettlebell technique. Since the start of Good Spray in 2020, I’ve individually written custom programs for over 150 athletes

 From med students, to route setters, to parents, to fellow business owners - I’ve seen a wide variety of coaching challenges. I’m ready for whatever you can throw at me.

(I even wrote a program for a guy with no climbing gym, a couple of dumbbells, some monkey bars, and a Red Rocks climbing trip coming up in 6 weeks)

So when I say I’ve seen it all, I’m not joking.

I’m prepared to meet you where you’re at, get your program completely dialed, and get your progress headed in the right direction.

Most people think they can follow a “4 weeks to 4 grades harder program” or find “perfect hangboard protocol”.

They think that getting where they want to go is about finding the one magical workout that will give them what they need.

But here’s the truth. There’s nothing magical about getting better at climbing.

It boils down to how...
✅ consistent you are
✅ effectively you practice 
✅ well you understand what to spend your time and energy on (so you can use your time to progress instead of endlessly spinning your wheels)

Can you do all of that on your own?

Is it a hell of a lot easier to do when you have a coach in your corner writing a plan for you so you aren’t guessing if what you’re doing is working or not?

"Working with Lauren has been one of the best things I’ve ever done for climbing. Her plans have given me so much direction in my training and she is so versatile depending on where I am and what equipment I have available to me. She is always there to give encouragement, direction, answer questions, and most of all, celebrate every win with you, no matter how big or small."

- Hailey                

A custom plan is perfect for you if..

  • Are looking to prep for specific goals you want to train for (outdoor projects, climbing trips to specific areas)
  • Have a challenging schedule that doesn’t allow a lot of time for training
  • Have limited equipment (e.g. van-life, frequent work travel, limited at-home training set-up)
  • Need support navigating goals in multiple sports (like climbing and running, or climbing and snowboarding, or climbing and skiing and salsa dancing and running! I’ve seen a LOT trust me.)
  • Want to consistent with your training instead of quitting 3 weeks in (because that shit A. won’t get you anywhere, and B. it’ll wreck your confidence and make it harder to get started the next time you want to train)
  • Want feedback on your climbing movement to rapidly accelerate your skill development. So you can stop saying things like “I just can’t heel hook” and start doing it automatically instead!
  • Have struggled sticking to plans in the past and are looking to hit the “easy button” for accountability instead of doing it all on your own
  • Are better at sticking with your training when you have someone helping you and cheering you on. (I am many things, and the being the QUEEN OF STOKE is one of them)
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A custom plan is NOT a good fit if you...

  • aren't ready to change your current training routines
  • aren't excited and passionate about improving your climbing
  • do not want support and advice for how to improve your climbing
  • feel like you don’t quite need coach support and would prefer to be more budget conscious with a self-lead program

You could wait until you’re “ready” to start training. You could wait until life gets less busy (but does it ever? really?)

You could keep spinning your wheels DIY-ing. Starting and stopping programs, and not seeing the progress you were hoping for.

Or you could ante up and commit to seeing a training plan all the way through, absorbing as much as you can in the process. Life will always be busy. The sooner you get going and learn to work with that, the sooner you’ll start making real progress.

Weekly or all-access options available. Choose based on your needs and budget.

to fit your work schedule, equipment, facilities, goals, and preferences.

on topics like maintenance training, head game, tactics, and performance nutrition.

Custom plans include...

✅ a pre-training physical assessment
✅ 12 weeks of customized, comprehensive programming delivered in 4-6 week training blocks
✅ program delivered to your phone via Trainerize app
✅ monthly workshops for continued learning and additional coach support

Custom plans are typically a combination of strength training, climbing sessions, skill work, and finger training.

As far as communication goes, there are two tiers to choose from.

LITE coaching includes weekly, virtual check-ins with me.

How does a virtual check-in work, Lauren? 
Each week you'll receive a short form to your inbox that you will have 24 hours to fill out. This form will help you reflect on your week, ask for support and give you the opportunity to submit climbing videos for review. Then, I record a video to comprehensively respond to your check-in form. This is our only point of contact each week. Message support is not included. You can submit up to 3 climbing videos/week for review.

Standard coaching gives you an all access pass

Message me anytime you want inside the Good Spray custom plan slack group message - the world is your oyster. I respond daily to athlete messages between the hours of 10am - 4pm MT, Monday through Thursday. This tier also features unlimited video review. 

If you enjoy community, this is a great option for you.


"I notched my first ever 5.11d! And more importantly, I knew I could find a way to get it done. It was also awesome to have someone else to share and celebrate this milestone with.

Every week I had feedback I could bring back to the gym. I really enjoyed the weekly check-ins and reflecting on my week, and plan to continue that practice after my 12-week program ends."

Andrea, Colorado

"Working with Lauren was a great experience! I learned how to structure my workouts to get the most out of my time in the gym.  Overall, I feel so much stronger and confident while climbing.  I previously struggled with anxiety while I was leading but now that I feel stronger,  I'm stoked to get on the sharp end and I've even found my ability to onsight harder climbs has improved!


"I’ve been working my butt off this winter and put down multiple V4s and a V5 in my only outdoor session of the year so far. Lots of snow and stupid cold temps…I can’t believe it. I was struggling so hard before working with you on V2s even with great conditions. I learned so much from you and your program and I am forever grateful."




Weekly coach support

  • 12 weeks of custom programming
  • Weekly virtual check-in
  • Monthly group coaching calls
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  • 12 weeks of custom programming
  • Slack group message access M-Th
  • Monthly group coaching calls
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Reserve a start date for September and beyond

  • Can be used for either a LITE or All-access plan
  • Reserve your spot now, pay for the rest when you start your program


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There's a reason I stay booked out months in advance.

.... and why a majority of athletes that train with me for stick around for months (and even years).

Because they get results and have a good time doing it.

It’s time to stop trying to do it all on your own. I know you have so much potential. Put that climb on your vision board STAT because we’re coming in HOT.

Let’s work together and get you climbing things you never thought possible.


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