Ready to turn your weaknesses into strengths?

It's time to Move Better.


It’s no secret that developing your skills as a climber is just as important (if not more important) than being whacky strong.

One armed pull-ups are cool and all, but you know what’s more useful?

Knowing how to….

  • use momentum like a boss
  • be precise in your hand and foot placements
  • try really, really fucking hard

No one hands you a “how to climb real, real good” manual when you grab your first pair of rental shoes.

And lots of discussions about climbing technique are so vague they make your eyes glaze over.

Fuck. that.

Let's get simple.
Let's break it down.
Let's get concrete about the gaps in your skill set.
And more importantly, let's get real about what steps you should take to fill them. 

Enter the Move Better Challenge


At the end of this three day challenge you
will understand how to

  • review videos of yourself and evaluate if you're making any "low hanging fruit" errors
  • use momentum to your advantage and stop climbing like a sloth all the time! (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE 👀)
  • activate try-hard mode and stop giving half-assed attempts
  • move forward in your skill progression with actionable steps and drills when the challenge is over

The catch though?

You're only going to learn if you're ready to put in some work. So if that sounds like you, you'd better get signed up.

This challenge is running LIVE from November 14-16, 2023. You and other motivated climbers will be dorking out side by side to learn and improve. 

Like school - but way more fun.

Here's how it works

Each day of the challenge, you’ll receive a short, action packed video in your inbox + an activity to do. This should take 15-20 minutes of your day MAX, I know you have stuff going on!

There’s also a *little* bit of pre-work you need to complete before we get started on 11/14. I'll be asking you to grab a few videos of yourself the next time you go climbing. You'll also have a short, self-reflection form to fill out before the challenge begins (the form should take you 5 mins max!) 

.... but the fun doesn't stop there.

Challenges are more fun if there's a reward for challenging yourself. So if you want a chance to win one of two $50 Visa gift cards, listen up. 

When you get your confirmation email, there will be a Move Better Graphic you can download. 

To enter the raffle, simply
1. Take a screenshot of the graphic you'll receive with your challenge confirmation email.
2. Post it to your instagram story with the hashtag #movebetterchallenge and tag @goodspraycoaching

That's it! We'll take care of the rest!

The Move Better Challenge Begins









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