Join 100+ climbers who have improved their climbing with a Good Spray custom plan. 

We are currently booked on Custom Plans through February 2024. We recommend that you join the wait list to stay up to date on custom plan availability.

“Working with Lauren was a great experience... I previously struggled with anxiety while I was leading, but now that I feel stronger, I'm stoked to get on the sharp end and I've even found my ability to onsight harder climbs has improved!” - Andrea

"Starting the Good Spray program was the best decision I’ve ever made for climbing. Lauren has built a welcoming, inclusive, and vibrant community of athletes comfortable for all levels of climbers. I learned so much in just 6 short weeks - my confidence went up, I’m stronger, projecting at a new level, and have a new understanding of body movement/position and route reading. The stoke is SO HIGH!! I’m already starting the Crush It App program and plan on coming back for another group session in the future. Thank you, Lauren!"

- Kathleen