Sends-giving is just around the corner.

registration is closed for 2023.

Trip prep custom training program

Sends-giving custom plans

This is the ultimate combination of services to help you get ready for your Thanksgiving climbing trip. You will train hard, prepare for your goals, and be armed with the trip tactics and strategies you need to maximize your time on the rocks!

The Sends-giving special includes

  • a pre-training physical assessment
  • a custom training program designed for your goals and the area you will be climbing in
  • a masterclass on goal setting, trip planning, and tactics
  • unlimited group message support
  • group calls during the program for motivation + support as you train
  • + bonuses I'll share once you're in the program 😉

If want to make the most of your Thanksgiving travels, this is the program for you.

Client Love

My entire mindset when it comes to climbing has changed…. I've never paid much attention to reading routes or even trying something multiple times (projecting), and this program has helped me enjoy the process including celebrating small wins. Even though I still haven't sent my project (yet), I know this training has helped me get to the place where this particular project is in the realm of possibility.”  - Chelsea, (she/her) and yes, she did send her project! way to go, Chelsea!

Starting the Good Spray group program was the best decision I’ve ever made for climbing. Lauren has built a welcoming, inclusive, and vibrant community of athletes comfortable for all levels of climbers. I learned so much in just 6 short weeks - my confidence went up, I’m stronger, projecting at a new level, and have a new understanding of body movement/position and route reading. The stoke is SO HIGH!! I’m already starting the Crush It App program and plan on coming back for another group session in the future. Thank you, Lauren!" Kathleen, (she/her)



Got questions? I've got answers!

When does the program start?

Monday September 18th. Below is the timeline for the program.

September 18- 24.
Complete your assessment + evaluation paperwork.
Group message support begins.

September 25-27.
Plans distributed. Start training.
Welcome + Q&A group call. (time/date of call TBD, group members will vote)  

Training will continue through November 19th (the sunday before Thanksgiving week). During the months of October and November we will have a Trip planning masterclass as well as a group coaching call. Group members will vote on times and dates.

NOTE: I will be out of office traveling from September 30 - October 17th. I will ensure any questions you have about your new training plan are covered prior to my departure. I won't leave you hanging! Apart from these dates, I will be available for all group calls + group message support throughout the program. You will still have access to your program while I am away.

Who is this program for?

This program is designed for climbers with performance objectives for their outdoor climbing trip around the Thanksgiving holiday. The focus of this program is heavy on outdoor climbing tactics and trip preparation.

This program IS NOT for you if you do not have an outdoor climbing trip planned for some time in the latter half of November.

This program is for athletes with outdoor climbing experience. If you are unsure if this program is a good fit for you, please reach out to [email protected] and your questions will be answered.

Does everyone get the same training plan?

No. Each individual in this program will receive a plan customized to fit 

- the climbing objectives they have for their trip
- their particular strengths + weaknesses
- their schedule, equipment, and facilities available

The plans are customized, the group aspect of this program is to facilitate community, accountability, and motivation as you train for your adventures!

I am going on a trip around Thanksgiving, but I don't have any specific goals. Is that ok?

Absolutely! Part of the educational piece of this program is to help you learn to effectively set goals and strategize for your outdoor climbing trips. 

If you don't have any goals or objectives for your trip, we will work together to help you navigate that! 

What if I can't make one of the calls. Will the Q&A calls + masterclasses be recorded?

Totally. Additionally, if you have a question for me, but you can't make one of the Q&A calls - you can post your question in the group slack channel ahead of time, and I'll make sure to answer it on the call!

What equipment do I need?

At minimum, access to some kind climbing - inside or outside! Ideally some combination of strength training equipment and, in some cases, a hangboard is a nice-to-have as well. I have trained athletes with extremely minimal set-ups. If you are concerned about your equipment or facilities, email me at [email protected] and I'll be happy to address any concerns you might have.

Will there be flexible payment options?

Yes indeed. As I said before, I highly recommend getting on the wait-list so you can save $200 off enrollment.

regular price $597
wait list price $397

You will have the option to pay in full or with a two month payment plan at checkout.

‼️ DEAL ALERT - you are receiving 8 weeks of programming with me + tons of bonus educational content and support. Typically, 8 weeks of training with me is $597. THE WAIT LIST PRICING IS A GREAT DEAL.

I have another question, can you help?

Sure thing, email me at [email protected] - I'm happy to help.